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Welcome to Yage.net.

We have provided quality ethnobotanicals for almost 15 years. Yage.net is dedicated to Ayahuasca and south American shamanic plants. Our enthusiastic customers worldwide, have turned this website into a vibrant and positive vehicle for education. We take great pride in supplying ethnobotanical plants both common and rare, incenses, handicrafts and fine arts from around the world.

Our plants are not sold for the purpose of consumption. We sell botanical specimens for no purpose beyond ethnographic study. Please read our Terms & Conditions before placing your order. We look forward to being of service.

New Arrivals

Leonotis leonorus (Wild Dagga)
Roughly cut Wild Dagga flowerpetals, excellent red-orange quality. Wild cultivated and harvested in Mexico. 
Acacia confusa (Acacia)
Mature Acacia root bark from Hawaii. Whole chips. Excellent quality.
Forest Floor Incense
A complex resinous mixture of powerful incense woods, herbs and resins, with a deep grounding effect. ...
mini pax (silica gel) 2g sachet
Ligusticum porteri (Osha)
Finely powdered root of Ligusticum porteri. Incredibly fragrant.


Digital Microscopes
We offer a selection of handheld digital microscopes that provide sharp image quality and includes built-in LEDs with other wonderful yet functional features. The devices are perfect for the home user who demands a simple USB handheld microscope to e ...