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Peganum harmala (Syrian Rue)

Seeds, Dry Extract HCL 25:1 from Iran (SKU 3539)

New stock. This highly concentrated 25:1 HCl extract from Peganum harmala seeds consists of all the purified Harmala alkaloids Harmaline, Harmine and traces of THH in a ratio as present in the seed. All the other alkaloids present in Peganum like the quinazoline alkaloids are NOT present in this extract. The seeds are imported from Iran and the extract is made in the Netherlands. In making this extract, only natural food-grade solvents and reagents are used. The ratio may vary per batch. One gram of this extract is made from 25 grams Rue seeds. Packed in plastic pots.

Peganum harmala is a weed and wasteland species, member of the Zygophyllaceae (Caltrop family). Native to the deserts of India whose range stretches through the Gobi desert into the former Soviet Union. Native to the Mediterranean and central Asia. It is is a desert plant.

Growing from a perennial woody rootstock, Peganum harmala is a bright-green, densely foliaged, herbaceous succulent. Although its smooth many-branched stems may have a spread of 120 cm or more, the plant is rarely over 60cm tall and generally appears round and bushy in habit. Its leaves are 6cm long, born singly and finely divided into long narrow segments. Each year between June and August, P. harmala produces many single white conspicuous flowers. Measuring 2 to 4 cm across, these relatively large and showy blooms have five oblong-elliptic petals as well as five narrow sepals of slightly longer length. Each flower has the potential to develop into a fruit. A leathery, three valved seed capsule that stands erect on its stalk. Each capsule measures about 1cm in diameter and contains more than fifty dark-brown, angular seeds.

Cultivation is easy. Sow seed in very sandy soil. Provide shade for the first year, then plant out in sunny, dry location. Will tolerate freezing. Space plants 50 cm apart. Grows 60 cm tall.

Syrian Rue has strong-smelling seeds that are burned in ceremonial fires. Produces a light, distinctly scented smoke when burnt on charcoal disks. It is used as an air as well as mind purifier, perhaps linked to its entheogenic properties, and mostly as a charm against "The Evil Eye".

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